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Meadors Blueberry Farm


Meadors Blueberry farm is a turn key operation that is ready for a new younger and healthier owner. My husband and I started this farm in 2009 when we retired. We love all of our customers and have made many friends over the years. 

We open during the short season, but this farm could produce revenue year round. Our community will support any type of farming products you would want to sell. I sell vegetables from our home garden and  I sell all I have the day we put them out to sell. I partner with some of the local farmers and sell their eggs or jam. I make my own Blueberry Jam and use Sledds strawberries to make my strawberry Jam. You could run several businesses from this location. The equipment is included with the farm. you can make money bush hogging, tilling or tractor work. 

Call  Valarie Meadors at 407-383-6639 

this is the patch and some of the plants he had for sale last year

the Jam counter and storage behind it

             Bush Hog and Tiller                                   50 gallon sprayer

Plenty of area to park                                         Tractor with front end loader

plenty of seating under cover               Cash register and commercial scale

Store area with lots of room for storage and displaying your products.

The sign is 4 X 8 on a trailer and sits out on the corner of our street & US 1

Outside sink & stainless steel table          My Blueberry muffins and coffee

The store and eating area all breaks down even the portable sink and BBQ we use to cook our hot dogs and burgers. The covered area can be used for the tractor or anything else you may need it for. 

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This is a 30' X 40' barn with a 30' X 24" covered area 

used for sales and picnic area during season, it has 2 bathrooms a office and a chiller room for the berries. Also a second floor storage space . 

12' X 12' garage door and 12' X10 ' garage door

with a removable  screened panel and door.

View from Drone

One of our customer took this picture it shows the large blueberry field and the small field behind the Barn, The 3/2 house and the store/ picnic area.The other storage building is towards the front of the property.

We have 2 acres being used  out of 4 +, plenty of room for expansion .  

house is a 3br, 1bath was rented                 sign has changeable open

for $750 a mo.                                                          closed info

 tenant lived there for ten years.                Notice the 12 X 24 carport 

this is another storage building                     Motor home can be included

used to store picking lugs and                        in sale of business, we lived in it 

fertilizer. extra equipment.                                for 2 years.